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Advances Strategy for Playing Slot Machines  January 19, 2016 – 03:38 pm

Advanced strategy for slot machines is something that not every player needs, but is a good idea to learn so that you can know more about the say that slot machines work.

Standard Deviation Strategy

The standard deviation strategy employs a complex mathematical equation to determine the best chances for a winning spin on a slot machine. Although many people like to do it with complex formulas, the basics can be done in your head with a little bit of practice, and this will give you a good idea of what the strategy can do.

Step 1 - Find an "Equal Pay" slot machine

An "Equal Pay" am chine is one that will pay you an amount relative to the number of coins that you bet on a line. For example if you get a pay out of 10 coins for a 1 coin bet, an "Equal Pay" machine will pay out 40 coins for a 4 coin bet.

Step 2 - Determine the standard number of spins between wins

This step takes a bit of time and it is recommended that you play the minimum amount while you are doing this to minimize possible losses at this stage.

Step 3 - Record the average number after 10 spins

When you have the number of sins between wins for 10 winning spins, you'll be able to work out the average number of spins between winning spins. Say that you found that wins mostly occurred between 8 and 14 spins. This would mean that the standard deviation for spins between wins is 11 spins.

When you apply this theory to a machine with a high payout percentage (over 95%) and increase your bets in line with the standard deviation numbers you will find that there is a very good chance that you'll be able to start winning more spins.

One-Play Strategy

One-play strategy can be effective, and is simpler then standard deviation strategies. the essence of the one-play strategy is that you play the maximum amount possible on a machine once, and if it wins, you will play it again, if not you try another machine.

As with standard deviation, always choose a machine that is an "equal pay" machine so that all wins are proportional to your bets.

The strategy is simple. Find a machine and play the maximum bet on that machine. id the machine pays out between 1 and 3 times your bet, then play that machine one more time only. if the machine pays out 4 or more times your wager, play that machine for three times again only.

A lot of people don't have faith in the one-play strategy and prefer to sit at the same machine for hours on end. While this may be a fun way for them to spend the day, it isn't going to help them to win. The best idea is to try the strategy for yourself and see the results.


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