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5 Surefire Strategies to Help You Win at Slots  June 23, 2016 – 11:57 pm

The game of slots is a fixed-odds games which means that there is no real way to “beat” the mathematical edge that the house has over the player. However, there are certain strategies and things to keep in mind that will help to greatly maximize your odds, win more, and simply enjoy the game more!

1Stop While You’re Ahead. This is seems like something that a stern, conservative parent might advise his child. We’ll explain the logic behind this. Slot machine odds (i.e., the house always has the advantage) are calculated in terms of the long-term (over hundreds of thousands of “trials”, or rounds that players play). The truth is that spin-by-spin the house most certainly doesn’t have the advantage. Therefore, if you’re winning – statistically over time you will lose so the trick to cut your casino losses is to leave with your winnings while you have them in your bankroll!

2Manage Your Money – Spread Your Bets. Again, while this might seem conservative, there is a sound logic to this piece of advice. Your goal when playing slots (or any casino game, for that matter) is not to increase your bankroll. One surefire way of doing this is to spread out your odds (bet less on more). By setting a budget and spreading out your bets, you’re better off in the long run.

3Learn From Others. Check out forums to learn from other players that casino slot games are paying out the most. While someone else’s luck doesn’t necessary equal your own, it’s always interesting to see if there are patterns and perhaps the odds on one game are indeed set to be better than the odds in another game.

4Play Online Slots. Most online slots players are already aware of this but the odds at online casinos (especially fixed-odds) are ALWAYS higher in the favor of the player. Why? It’s simple. Online casinos have a lower overhead (they’re cheaper to operate than land-based casinos) and therefore they can offer the players better odds – and they do too!

5Play Progressive Slots. If you’re going to go for the big money – play progressive slots where the jackpot prizes are always the highest. In order to walk away with the jackpot you’ll need to bet on all lines but remember that you can bet a small denominations on all lines s it doesn’t necessarily mean betting a lot of money…


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