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This Magic Will Bring You Fortunes  September 18, 2015 – 12:55 pm
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This online slot game will put a lucrative spell on you. Winning Wizards is a magic-related product by Microgaming, created with a fairy-tale-ish atmosphere that will immediately take you back to your happy-go-lucky childhood. So, put on your magic cap and turn up your wizard mantle sleeves so that you can sit in front of your monitor and experience pure magical luck in this funny offering.

There is an enormous amount of magic-themed controversial stories and legends out there in a web and it’s quite hard to identify this videoslot with any of them. Something tells us that this old fellow refers to the good ones, but it is basically up to you to decide as soon as the only thing you should think about while playing this game is whether his magic staff can bring you real money.
However it’s an ironic twist of fate, but Winning Wizards online slot can actually create a small piece of magic in order to reveal some wizard secrets to you. It creates an involving feeling with its admirable old-school design. Despite it being quite rare for the slot machines; this one pays the wins on the paylines in both directions. Anyway, good luck in winning the biggest amounts and enjoy your magic game!


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