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“Ways to Win” at Online Slots  June 13, 2016 – 06:08 pm
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Until "Ways to Win" Reached the Online Slots Casino

All Slots introduced the Burning Desire online slot game in 2009. Burning Desire was a revolutionary casino slots game that did away with paylines completely. With Burning Desire, if you get a diamond anywhere on Reel 1, another diamond anywhere on Reel 2, and a third diamond anywhere on Reel 3, you are an online slots winner. It's as simple as that. No more "so close" or "almost won" or "if only" when you play slots online with Ways to Win.

Of course, if you get a fourth diamond on Reel 4, you win an even bigger jackpot. And yet another diamond anywhere on Reel 5 means an even bigger jackpot yet. When the mathematicians counted up all the possible winning slots combinations, they found 243 Ways to Win at Burning Desire online slots.

Discovering More Ways to Win at Slots Online

Burning Desire and 243 Ways to Win represented a big breakthrough in the history of slots but, of course, that wasn't the end of the story. Perhaps a way could be found to present even more ways to win than that. The answer was in expanding the online slot machine.

Burning Desire, like most online video slots, consists of five reels and three horizontal rows. In 2010, All Slots Casino introduced the Arctic Fortune online slot machine with four horizontal rows. An additional row meant room for more slot machine symbols on each reel, which means many more chances for matching symbols to turn up, which adds up to 1, 024 Ways to Win in Arctic Fortune.

Then came Dolphin Coast, an even bigger online slot machine with five rows and a phenomenal 3, 125 Ways to Win. Dolphin Coast truly looks like the biggest online slot game that the human imagination can devise.

Every Kind of Online Slot Machine at All Slots Casino

Many people still enjoy playing online slots games with the traditional paylines, and they find everything they are looking for at All Slots Casino. From the simplest single-payline slots like Lion's Share to 50-payline slots like Gold Factory to 100-payline slot machines like Cashapillar, Lion's Pride, and Summer Holiday, you'll find it at All Slots.

But many online slots players are switching over to the Ways To Win slots without paylines, and All Slots has a great selection. In addition to Burning Desire, Arctic Fortune, and Dolphin Coast, All Slots offers Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II and Avalon II, Secret Santa, and many others, as well as adding new online slot machines all the time. So if you want to liberate your online slots play from the restrictive tyranny of the payline, come into All Slots Online Casino and play slots online with Ways to Win.


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  • avatar is there an easier way to win slot machines in Final Fantasy 13-2?
    • The easiest way to earn Casino Coins in Final Fantasy 13-2 is by using the Slot Machines. To play, find a machine and press [R1/RB] to insert a Casino Coin. Then press down to pull the lever. You can stop each of the reels individually with the face buttons on your controller.You can also use the auto-play feature with [L1/LB].

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    • There is no guaranteed way to win slot machines... If we had one, we'd be out winning money, and we wouldn't tell anyone how because if the people who ran the slot machines found out there was a guaranteed way to win, they'd change it so that it wouldn't work...
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