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A Strategy to Win Online Roulette  December 11, 2015 – 09:33 am
Gamblers can be ahead of the

When you play in a casino there is much more than the house edge to contend with. Travel expenses, food and lodging, parking and tips all add up. Strange people watch everything you do especially when you win and there's all that tobacco smoke.

Most Roulette systems don't work and the casino is happy enough to let you play them. If you luck onto a system that works, it is usually a long slow grind covering a large portion of the table. Casinos hate this kind of play and it tends to annoy the "fun" players, so it comes as no surprise when the game speeds up to make it harder for your type of system to be applied.

Everyone knows to quit when ahead when playing Roulette. Ahead may never arrive when all the costs of a casino trip are factored in.

Online casinos allow us some "advantages" if we are aware of them.

01. There are free casinos which pay off in cash, valuable prizes or funny money that can be exchanged for cash or prizes. You can play every day for free and when you win it adds to the kitty and when you lose . . . well you can't really lose because it was free.

02. Most online casinos have a sign-up or deposit bonus, until this bonus is used up, the house edge isn't cutting into your winnings.

03. Zero cost to play besides the wager, none of expense of a brick and mortar casino visit, you don't even tip. The only other possible cost is some methods of wiring money in and out of the playing account. Beware of casinos that take another edge when cashing out.

04. You can take your own sweet time setting up how you want your chips on the table without people giving you the look.

05. You can play any stupid way you want and no one will offer free advice or make comments.

06. You can quit when ahead each and every time you are ahead. You don't have to feel guilty about taking their money and walking away and you don't have to worry about covering the cost of the trip.

Best Roulette Strategy to Win Quick

Pick seven numbers, bet a unit on each. If they all lose bet them again up to a max of three times. If you don't win, quit for the day.

If you do win, distribute the winnings over the same seven numbers (five units each) for the next spin, if you win again distribute the winnings over the same seven numbers again (35 units each or house limit) for the next spin and then quit. Max loss of your own money 21 units. Max possible win 945 units.

Best Roulette Strategy to Win Slow

The Roulette table has a slight flaw which provides the player with a utility value in playing this method.

The Columns each contain twelve numbers, one third of the field not counting the zero and double zero.

The 1st Column has an equal number of Red and Black numbers, but the 2nd Column has 4 Red and 8 Black, while the 3rd Column has 4 Black and 8 Red numbers.

Red and Black each account for 18 of the 36 Roulette numbers besides zero and double zero, odds are roughly 50/50 one or the other will hit each spin.

Decide for the game play session to play either Red or Black. If you bet Red, also bet an equal amount on the 2nd Column. If you bet Black...


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  • avatar Roulette...what do you think of this winning roulette system? | Yahoo Answers
    • I watched enough to know this is called the "Martingale System". Do some searches to learn about why that system does NOT work.
      By the way - it does NOT matter that the guy waited for 2 spins in a row to be black or red. The odds have NOT changed. Roulette wheels have no memory of the spins that came earlier. On-line wheels are no different.
      If you try this, you will lose. Maybe not right away, but eventually you will lose, and when you do, you'll lose big!

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