Casino Roulette Strategies

Easiest way to make money in Vegas

Is Roulette the easiest way to make money in Vegas, if not, which gambling game is?  October 27, 2015 – 09:28 am
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Roulette is known as a sucker game. It's impossible to win in the long run. If it was just red/black odd/even you'd have a 50/50 chance, but all roulette wheels also have a green 0 and green 00 slot.

Your best chance of winning is at baccarat. #1 because the odds are close to 50/50 and #2 because you don't have to learn how to play. The object of the game is to come as close to 8 or 9 as possible. You get two cards then either take a hit or not. Whether or not you take a hit is determined by what cards you hold... you don't decide like in blackjack.

As a spectator, you either bet on the player or the bank. No other decision making.

If you learn at least basic strategy, blackjack is another game that gives you a fair chance. The fewer decks, the better odds for you. Also watch for and AVOID games that offer 6:5 odds on blackjack instead of the usual 3:2.

Video poker can offer close to 100% payout if you know how to pick the high paying machines and know the proper strategy for each game. You don't play Deuces Wild the same way you'd play Jacks or Better or Flush Fortune. 20 years ago it was pretty easy, you just picked out machines that paid 9/7 or 9/6 (9 to 1 on a full house, 7 to 1 or 6 to 1 on a flush) but now those machines are either very scarce or completely gone. So you'll need to find a good book or web site that explains the different types of machines and games.

Dice (craps) is the fourth casino game that's not a sucker game. It can also be complicated so you should read a book about it before playing.

You can't win a lot of money all at once at those games though. It's in drips and drabs, a little at a time. So if you want a chance to win a million dollars in one jolt, you have to go for the sucker games like Keno and slot machines. You're as likely to win big on slots or Keno as you are to be struck by lightning... but at least you do have a chance. If you don't play you have zero chance.


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  • avatar What is my best chance of winning at the casino?
    • Blackjack tends to be the easiest game to win at in a casino. Just remember that you are lucky if you break even! for now!

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