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How to Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines  November 8, 2015 – 12:45 pm

Image titled Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines Step 1Know your denominations. The machine uses “coins” to determine the size of the bet, but what does a “coin” mean? In some casinos it can be as low as a penny (though usually 5p is the lowest bet), but in others it may come up to a dollar. Be sure that you double check the denominations before you start betting, so no nasty surprises can occur.

Image titled Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines Step 2 Bet the maximum. On most Wheel Of Fortune slots the maximum bet is three coins – and you can only get to the bonus Spin Function (or hit the progressive jackpot, for that matter), if you place the max bet. And since the Spin Function is where the most profits occur, playing without giving yourself a chance to hit it is pretty much useless.

Keep a level head. There’s no such thing as a “hot” or a “cold” slot machine, but such thing as a lucky or an unlucky day is a reality.Image titled Improve Your Odds at Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines Step 4 If you’ve been playing for a couple of minutes and haven’t won a coin, it’s probably best to leave and come back another day. Meanwhile, entertain yourself with a free demo version or something of the sort

For the same reason, once you hit a rather significant win, it’s probably best to cash in on that and only come back once it’s stored safely on your balance. True, it may be your lucky day, but one careless spin may send you down to the pit of despair – and a couple of smaller wins usually add up to a pretty large sum!

Make the best out of bonuses and promotions. Every time you log onto your casino, check the daily promo section. You might get a hefty bonus just for being attentive, or there might be a promo running with an hour or more of free slot play where you get to keep the profits. Don’t kick yourself later for missing a deal – always check before you start playing!


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  • avatar What was the tv time slot for Wheel of Fortune in Phoenix AZ in the fall of 2012
    • Wheel of Fortune will air at 6:30 PM on Station KNXV in Phoenix, AZ

  • avatar Where can one find free slots such as wheels of fortune?
    • There are many online gaming websites that allow users to play free slot games. GSN allows their members to play many free slot games on their website.

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