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Top 10 ways to improve your slot machine strategy  August 19, 2015 – 01:59 pm
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Playing the slots is about one thing and one thing only—hitting the jackpot. Sure, you want to hit loads of matching symbols along the way. And you want to build a sweet bankroll as you play. But the chase of a giant 4, 5, or 6-figure score is what drives us all to play online slot games.

We’re all looking for different slot machine strategies to help us win more money, more often. But sitting down, doing the same thing blindly isn’t the smartest way to improve your slot machine strategy. In fact, it could be counterproductive. So if you’re trying to develop a cool new strategy to win at slots, try our tips. It will sharpen your mind… and your game.

Take a break

Seems weird, right? An online casino telling you that the best way to build a slot machine strategy is to leave the machines for a while? Doesn’t seem right. But believe us. Sometimes, you just need a break from all those spinning reels. And by taking a break, you’ll have be able to improve your slot machine strategy the next time return because you’ll be re-energized.

Switch to a different slots game of the same type

If you’re trying to win at a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine where the theme has to do with food and your betting strategy isn’t working, try a different game. There are tons of 5-reel, 25-payline machines to choose from with the same type of bonus rounds. The theme will change, but your betting strategy will still apply.

Switch to a completely different slots game

Maybe the slot machine strategy you developed isn’t working the way you expected it to. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work elsewhere. If you’re on a 5-reel machine, try moving to a 3-reel classic.

Switch to the tables

If you’re frustrated with your slot machine betting strategy, maybe you need a different perspective. Table games can offer that. You might find that there’s more money to be made elsewhere or that your strategy for slot machines wasn’t so bad after all.

Lower your bets

One of the biggest mistakes new slot machine players make is taking a slot machine strategy and applying it way too heavily. We’re talking about blowing your bankroll by betting too much. If your slot machine strategy isn’t working, try lowering your bet per line.

Lower the number of lines you play

If you’re committed to betting a certain dollar value per spin and you want to win the most per line, you can bet less without interrupting your strategy. Just lower the number of lines you’d like to play and raise your bet per line. You can even tweak it so your bet per spin remains the same.

Play for free

The best way to win anything is to practice. That’s the same for online slot machines. At CoolCat, you can play free online slot machines and practice your strategy. And you don’t even need to set up a separate account. Your CoolCat login gets you access to the free slot machines too.

Read the game instructions

This one should go without saying, but unfortunately many casino players testing out slot machine strategies switch games without reading the instructions. While many games are similar, not all slot machines are created equal. Make sure you read the instructions because not knowing even a minor detail could make your slot machine strategy fairly useless.

Play two machines at once

Can’t decide between two slot machine strategies? Try a couple different ones and see which works the best. You can even fire up two separate online slot machines at once and test things out at the same time to see which works the best.

Try Autoplay

If you’ve tried a bunch of slot machine strategies and none of them are working, we recommend letting things run on Autoplay. In a nutshell, the casino will do the spinning for you—automatically—after bets are paid out. You might just find that not doing anything at all is the best online slot machine strategy of all.


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