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Beating Slot Machines  May 18, 2016 – 09:31 pm
High limit slot machine

Learning how to win at slot machines is an elusive goal pursued by slots fans around the globe. While the flashing lights and colorful video sequences are enough to whet their appetite, most slots devotees won’t be satisfied until they’ve hit a progressive jackpot or two. In this article, we’ll look at some winning slot machine tactics and tips, as well as exposing some truths about the game that most players prefer to ignore.

The Cold Hard Truth about Slots

There is no magic formula for beating the slots. There’s also a reason why slots comprise the majority of any casino’s revenue: they take in more money than they pay out. If some way to “beat” slots actually existed, don’t think for a minute that casino management wouldn’t find a way to overcome or eliminate it. At the very least, they would just start banning anyone who used such a method.

At best, playing slots is a fun yet totally uncontrollable experience. Thanks to the random number generator installed in all modern video slots, each spin has the same chance of winning (or losing) as every spin before it.

The best slots strategy is to admit that the game is a crapshoot. Once you’ve broken free of the superstitions that many players cling to, you’ll be able to enjoy the game with a more relaxed attitude.

Since Charles Fey invented the slot machine in the late 19th century, players have been trying to figure out how to gain an advantage over the house. Some have developed elaborate methods of cheating, others have resorted to flawed slot systems, and even more have utilized the slot machine tactics discussed in this article.

Please note that slot machine tactics will not magically allow you to determine where the symbols line up on any given spin; no expert or system can make that guarantee, and if they do they’re lying. However, there are numerous slot machine strategies that will allow you to maximize your fun and get the most out of your bankroll. While you might not win more, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll lose less. For most players, that’s an edge worth pursuing.

Chasing Payout Percentages

The payout percentage on a slot machine is the amount of money it will pay out over its lifetime. For example, a slot with a 95% payout percentage will pay back 95% of the 100% that’s deposited into it; the house will wind up with a 5% profit. These are long-term estimates, however, meaning that anything can happen in the short term.

Slots traditionally offer a payout percentage ranging from 82% to 98%, although the exact number can vary depending on state laws. If a player can find out the exact payout percentage of multiple slots, he can then choose to play the machine with the higher expected return. Unfortunately, there are two major stumbling blocks to this tactic. First, a machine with a higher payout percentage may not pay significantly more in the short term. Second, casinos tend to be secretive when it comes to releasing these figures. However, if you do find a slot with a 98% payout percentage, you’d be a fool not to try it

Tips for Beating Slot Machines

While there’s no way to guarantee a successful slots session, there are other ways to leave the casino a winner. Chief among them is maximizing the amount of fun you have, and this often goes hand-in-hand with making your bankroll last as long as possible. The following tips are designed to help you do just that.

Bankroll Management – It’s difficult to beat a slot machine if you’ve run out of money. That’s why learning how to manage your bankroll is the most important skill that any player can develop. First, calculate how much money you can afford to lose. You need to be honest with yourself during this phase, as you don’t want to spend funds that are needed elsewhere (such as credit card payments, rent, etc.).

Second, make sure that you only take this amount of money with you to the casino. If you’re playing online, only deposit an amount into your account that you can afford to part with.

Don’t Be Afraid of Switching – Some players will spend hours pumping coins into the same machine, even if they’re getting nothing in return. This is often because they’re afraid of walking away from a slot that’s about to get “hot.” Don’t fall into this trap. If you lose continuously at a specific game, don’t be shy about getting up and moving to another machine. Your luck might not improve, but at least you’ll get a change of scenery.

Know the Slots – If you’re going to play a slot machine, it’s important to be familiar with it. How many paylines does it offer? What is the maximum bet? Older machines will have the winning combinations printed on their front, while most video slots will provide you with the same information by pressing a button. You should never let ignorance about a game interfere with your enjoyment.


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