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Electronic Slot Machine Cheats  February 24, 2016 – 03:37 pm
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As long as slot machine have been using electricity to function cheats have been tempted to use electricity to cause a slot machine to payout. today with electronically controlled machines there are a number of unique methods for trying to make a slot machine payout. Some of these devices delivered an electric shock to the slot machine, others are more elegant electronic devices that override the programming or disrupt the electronic circuitry of the slot machine.

Even with Electric Devices the bill Validator tend to be the target. Voltage Spiking is a method of cheating a slot machine by sending a electronic spike into an ungrounded pulse bill validator. When a spike hits one of these ungrounded bill validator the machine adds several hundred credits in just a few fractions of a second. This system is very quick and the electric device may be small enough to hid in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately Slot Machine Vendors have changed the protocols of the Bill Validators and they no longer use Pulse validators in slot machines.

EMP or Electromagnetic Pulses are pulses of Electromagnetic radiation that have the ability to disrupt electronic circuitry. High power pulses will destroy electronic circuits and low power pulses will cause circuits to behave erratically. It is this last result that the EMP Attack is trying to generate. The Actual device is small enough to fit inside a cigarette pack and a small coil antenna is placed inside the Bill Validator. When the EMP device is activated the EMP that is emitted from the antenna will affect the unshielded chips in the validator. The results are somewhat random and may not produce any results but because the device is so small and low powered it is difficult to detect. Since the Bill Validators have been upgraded to a more sophisticated style to prevent Electronic Spikes from working the EMP pulse has also been stopped.


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  • avatar Are computer programmers less inclined to gamble at video poker and electronic slot machines? - Quora
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