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Best slot Strategies

Advanced Strategies  May 24, 2016 – 02:12 am
Best Slot Strategies

The Standard deviation slots strategy is perhaps the most advanced of all slots playing tactics. It involves using a mathematical equation to determine on what spins the machine is most likely to yield a winning slots. Although some people prefer to use the precision of actual mathematical formulas in these strategies it is not necessary, and with a little practice can be done quite quickly in your head. Here are the steps to make the strategy work.

1. The 1st step is to choose a Slot machine, or game, that uses "Equal-Ratio" play. This means any slots game that gives you the same payout percentage for every level of play. For example, if you bet 4 dimes (40 cents) the jackpot will be exactly 4 times the jackpot than if you had bet 1 dime. The standard deviation strategy will only work on slot games that have this kind of payout percentage structure.

2. The Standard Deviation strategy enables you to calculate the "standard deviation" of the number of spins between wins. In order to accomplish this, the player must bet with a minimum amount in order to establish, on average, how many spins you must make before a win will happen. So have a pen and notepad ready and play for a while. Record the number of spins you make before you get a win. Make sure you repeat the cycle after every win about ten times. For instance, if you spin 8 times and on the 9th spin you make a win you would write down 9.

3. Once you have about 10 wins recorded take the average of all the numbers and you have the standard deviation for that game. So if you find that the wins happen about 10 to 20 spins apart the standard deviation would be 15. You would then know that in order to maximize your chances of winning for that game all you have to do is continually bet minimum amounts for 14 spins, then on the 15th you would bet the maximum. It might not work out every time, but it will give you the edge you need to ensure you are playing with the maximum possibility of winning.


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