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Dice Rolling Probability: The chances of rolling dice and its mathematical probability  November 29, 2015 – 10:27 am
Strategy for playing Craps Just as a car can't drive itself, dice setting alone won't accomplish anything.
Even the most analyzed dice setting grips won't help when throwing dice in a random manner.
The dice will just end up bouncing all over the craps table.
Even the best 'unbeatable craps strategy' will never work!

Setting Analysis: The Union of Dice Control and Dice Setting

Make sure to read my simple intro how to shoot craps on this site.
It's a very quick crash course on Dice Control.

After you've practiced your dice rolling, and stopped the dice from bouncing all over the craps table -
then it's time to introduce the following dice setting chart.

Dice Setting Chart:

The effectiveness of any of these basic dice sets assumes the fact that you are throwing dice on axis.
If you don't know what axis means, check out the Hardway set.
Pick up a pair of dice and notice the 6 and 1 are on the left and right sides of both dice.
On a perfect axis throw, the 6 and 1 will never show up as a result.
This will eliminate the 7's containing a 6 or a 1.

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Dice Setting Simplified

The one thing that dealers, supervisors, and players alike don't like to see is a player fiddling with the dice.
With a little practice, it's possible to set the dice in two moves - ready to toss the dice.

Here's a few tips:

  • The opposite side of whatever number you're looking at will add to 7
    Ex. The top of one dice is a 4. Therefore on the bottom would be 3
  • Keep an eye on the dice while they're in the middle of the table
  • Figure out how you're going to arrange the dice before you get the dice
    You just need to find the side of the dice that will be on top, and the side that will face you
  • Adjust your hand and arm so that you only flip the die directly to its proper position in front of you
  • Repeat this last step for the other die, and you're ready to shoot!

When beginning to work with craps strategies, dice setting is step two of the process

So what is step 1?
Learn to limit your losses at craps above all else.
Check out how to win at craps for betting that is both wise and keeps you playing a little longer than you're used to.
Then it's time to conquer dice setting. Start with the hardway set.
This way, while you practice dice control, if only one number ever manages to sneak in there
you'll notice more 6's and 8's.
And if you manage to eliminate the same number from both die (ex. the 6 side),
you really increase either the 6 or 8.

However, if you're noticing no 6's or 1's at all - you're really on axis.
Then this set is bad for real axis shooting, because there's a 25% of a 7 coming up (ouch)!
So best to change to the 3V set at that point. The 6 & 8 will pop up like popcorn!

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