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Ultimate Craps Trainer  June 11, 2016 – 09:07 pm
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New! Try out exclusive craps trainer to help you master proper craps play and/or test out your craps skills for fun.

Ultimate Craps Trainer

New to playing craps? Have some fun with our new interactive craps trainer below... it's easy - just place your bets and click on roll!


Use the Ultimate Craps Trainer just like you would play an ordinary game of online Craps:

  • Click on a spot on the table to place a bet on that spot.
  • Hold shift then click on a spot on the table to remove a bet from that spot.
  • You can adjust the amount bet/removed each click by selecting the appropriate chip size to the right side of the table.

Getting Help:

In craps, certain spots can not always be bet on depending on the current situation. If you attempt to bet where you are not currently able to - a small hint will shortly appear at
the bottom of the table outlining the problem.

For more information on a particular betting spot, hold the space bar on your keyboard while clicking on it. A small 'help bubble' will appear with additional information on payouts


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