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What’s the Proper Technique for Rolling the Dice?  January 25, 2016 – 11:34 am

T his article applies only when playing at a live craps table. When playing online, you simply click the “Roll the Dice” button and the computer simulates a roll usually with cool sound effects. So, if you’re reluctant to roll the dice at a live table, then you have yet another good reason to play . As mentioned in our other articles, the benefits of are abundant, but if you’re going to play at a live table, you should know how to handle the dice.

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After each throw, the stickman gathers the dice and places them in the center of the table while waiting for the dealers to catch up. If it’s crowded with a lot of bets on the table, the stickman waits until the dealers pay all winning bets. When the dealers are ready, the stickman pushes the dice to you.craps-dice-joke Regardless of what else is occurring at the table (e.g., a conversation between a player and the dealer, the dealer re-stacking chips, or something else occurring where the crew doesn’t seem to be paying attention), when the stickman pushes the dice to you, it’s a silent indication for you to pick them up and toss them. Don’t hesitate. Don’t ask, “Is everyone ready?” It doesn’t matter if they’re ready or not, that’s not your problem to worry about. By pushing the dice to you with his whip, the stickman is basically telling you, “Hurry up and roll the dice.” The stickman’s job is to keep the game going with minimal delay. After all, the more rolls the casino can get per hour, the more profit they make from newbies and boneheads who don’t know what they they’re doing. (Remember, casinos make most of the profit from players who don’t know the game, not from strong players like you and I.)

If you’re a new shooter for a new game, the stickman will empty his dice dish on the table and push all the dice to you, usually three or four pairs (refer to our article on the components of a craps table to understand the “dice dish”). When selecting two dice to throw, simply reach down and take two. Don’t analyze each die or rearrange them or take forever to pick two. Just take any two so the game can start. It’s annoying when a new shooter picks up all six dice, drops them all on the table, scoops them all up again, and then drops them all again and again trying to find a pair that he thinks is lucky. Don’t do this. It’s inconsiderate and just plain silly because there are no lucky dice. Other players are anxious for the game to start, and no one wants to wait for some clown wasting time trying to figure out which two dice are going to land his way. Just pick two and start the game.


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