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Blackjack combinations
[February 27, 2016 – 05:57 pm]
Blackjack combinations

In order to understand how the best strategy is computed, lets have a look at the Blackjack rules. Blackjack is played with 1 to 9 decks of 52 cards each. The values of the cards correspond to their numerical value from 2-10. All face cards (Jack, Queen, King) count 10 and the Ace either 1 or 11, as the holders desires. A score with an ace valued as 11 is named soft-hand. A soft-hand score of 17 is denoted as 7/17. The color of the cards does not have any effect. The goal of the game is to reach a score (=sum of the cards) as high as possible but not more than 21. A Blackjack…

Blackjack hit stand chart
[June 29, 2015 – 12:47 pm]
Blackjack hit stand chart

Hit or Stand gameplay is based on Atlantic City and Las Vegas multiple deck casinos rules. Blackjack rules vary from casino to casino, which makes learning blackjack strategy more complicated. However, many correct moves are fundamental enough that they do not differ from casino to casino, and most large scale casinos have very similar rules - usually matching those in Vegas or A.C.. The strategy tables for Vegas and A.C. are displayed below. To find strategy tables for a particular casino, you can visit BlackJack Info, a site that can generate customized tables. Basic Blackjack…

Blackjack 21 strategy
[October 6, 2015 – 02:54 pm]
Blackjack 21 strategy

Super Fun 21 is a blackjack variation found at lots of casinos in Las Vegas. There are lots of liberal rules offset by most blackjacks paying only even money. The Rules Blackjack rules are followed with these specifics and changes: The game is with one, two, or six decks. Dealer usually hits a soft 17. Player may double after a split. Player may resplit to up to four hands, including aces. Player may hit and double down to split aces. Player may double on any number of cards. Player may take late surrender on any number of cards. Player may surrender half of total bet after…