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Blackjack Tactics: How to Win More in Blackjack  June 23, 2016 – 02:56 am
Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

Blackjack or 21 is the world's most famous game of cards. The target is to simply attain the highest score without exceeding 21. Blackjack takes only a few minutes to learn. But you have to know a number of tricks to be able to get the most wins out of it. We have gathered some of our favorite blackjack tactics that both novice and intermediate players can use.

Blackjack Tactics: Avoid the insurance bet if you are not a card counter.

The insurance option is an unnecessary bet for most players. It is there mostly for the casinos to make more money. Under the majority of situations, you will want to avoid taking insurance; the odds do not favor the player. One exception to this is if you are counting cards.

Blackjack Tactics: Always use basic strategy.

All your actions at the blackjack are to be determined by your basic strategy chart. Don't get this wrong: playing blackjack with basic strategy does not mean you will win every hand. What it does is it helps you win the most possible hands in the long run; that is, over many hands. Be patient. Even if you lose while doing what the basic strategy card says, by no means stray from it.

Blackjack Tactics: Practice basic strategy at home or online.

Some people become self-conscious while holding strategy cards in a casino. If you are one of these folks, practice your strategy at home before doing it in a live casino. Better yet, play online so no one can see you.

Blackjack Tactics: Find blackjack tables that give the best rules.

You may not find them often, so if you do pounce on them! Look for blackjack tables that offer one or more of the following:

- Pay a natural 21 at 2: 1 odds - Allow double down after a split - Allow double down regardless of the number of cards - Allows early surrender - Pays a natural 21 even dealer has the same - Uses single decks or has high deck penetration (for card counting)

Blackjack Tactics: Avoid blackjack tables with bad rules.

Good blackjack players know the signs of danger - and run when they see them. Ominous blackjack rules include:

- Dealing with many decks (4-8) - Shallow penetration (for card counters) - Limitations on the double down move - Dealer does not stand on a soft 17 hand

If you think you now know enough blackjack tactics to play with confidence, check out the best online casinos to play blackjack in. Practice for free and play for real when you are ready. Play blackjack now!


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