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Blackjack and Craps "Help Charts"  June 4, 2016 – 04:00 pm
To print a chart or charts

I used to play Blackjack and Craps at casinos. I dont anymore because 1) in the long run, players will lose, and 2) I preferred to play at either 25 or $1 minimum tables, and the minimum bets for these games now, at most casinos, is $2 to $5too high for me.

However, for those who like to play these casino games, I have created small help charts to take to Blackjack and Craps tables at casinos. They will aid you in playing and may give you a better advantage in winning.

The Blackjack and Craps charts are the same size; therefore, they can be printed on the back and front of one piece of paper, for players who want to play both Blackjack and Craps in the same casino. Most casinos do not care if players use such playing aids, as long as they keep them discreetly out of sight.

The dimensions of each single chart is about 5" x 2". The charts are pictured below (larger than actual printed size). Continue reading if you would like to print them.

To print a chart or charts, click on the links below to see the charts with a white background. To print charts on both sides of a piece of paper, first make sure that your paper is centered exactly in the paper feeder. Print the single or multiple Blackjack chart(s). Then reinsert the piece of paper, exactly centered, in your printers paper feeder so that it will print on the other side, and print the single or multiple Craps chart(s). If you do not have a color printer, the colors will appear as various shades of gray.


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