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A Puzzle for Blackjack Players by Arnold Snyder  August 7, 2015 – 10:32 am
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A Puzzle for Blackjack Players
by Arnold Snyder

(Blackjack Forum Vol. III #1, March 1983)
© Blackjack Forum 1983

I've got some puzzles here for true blackjack fanatics. If you like working on puzzles, give them a try before looking at the answers. Some of these may take a while to work out, but all of them can be solved with just the data provided. (You don't have to refer to any other blackjack books.)

If you have an intriguing blackjack puzzle, send it in to (along with the solution), and if it's a good one, I'll publish it. If enough puzzle-freaks are out there, we may make this a regular feature.

1. You are playing on a team with two other counters. You are sitting in the third base position. Your teammates are occupying two seats to your right at the same table. You are the Big Player, and currently have a table limit $1000 bet on the last spot. Your teammates are covering the other six spots with $10 bets. One of your teammates is keeping the Hi-Lo Count, and passes his running count to you with a secret signal. You generally use this information to size your bets. (The Hi-Lo Count values 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s, as +1, and counts 10s and As as -1.) Your other teammate is keeping the Roberts unbalanced ten-count (which counts all non-tens, including aces, as +1, and counts 10s as -2). He also signals his running count to you, which you are generally only using to make perfect insurance decisions. Since he is starting his count at 0, you insure whenever his running count is greater than +4. Your job is to count the exact number of cards played, and to keep a side-count of aces. In this way, you can ace-adjust the Hi-Lo Count for more optimal playing decisions, with an exact true count.

The game you are playing is a single-deck game with Vegas Strip Rules and late surrender. Because your two teammates had split and resplit pairs on three of their second-round hands, by the time the dealer gets to you...


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  • avatar las vegas blackjack experts? | Yahoo Answers
    • In single and double deck games, they will give you the cards face down. If you bust, you must show your cards and the dealer takes them (and your money). If you make a habit of acting like you didn't bust when you did they will kick you off the table. If you sit at one of these tables, don't be afraid to ask what you are supposed to do, the dealers and other players don't mind at all.
      In general, double deck games are the best you're going to find in Las Vegas, and single deck are the worst (they only pay 6-5 on blackjack instead of 3-2). If you don't like playing with the cards face…

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