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According to a recent report from UNLV Gaming Research, there are more than 1700 blackjack tables collectively at Las Vegas Strip (1350), Downtown (220), and Boulder Strip (150) casinos in Las Vegas. Typical casino house edge for accurate blackjack basic strategy players who wisely select 'good' games with decent player-favorable rules ( see previous blackjack articles linked below) is approximately within .19% to .63% for most games over the long haul. The effects of unavoidable mathematical variance (wild outcome swings, standard deviation, or 'poor lady luck' as voiced by most players) can greatly alter short-term outcomes despite long-term low house edge numbers for blackjack.

Those above 1700+ tables average win % (hold) from Las Vegas blackjack players in 2013 averaged between 11.36 and 13.37 % ( vs the average .5% long-term house edge); the described casinos actual win was just over $1 billion from Vegas blackjack players last year according to tabulated figures from the report.

Blackjack is a game of skill and the above was provided as evidence (and motivation) that players can improve their game in many ways. One resource that can be used to accomplish that end is to read and study time-tested books that describe tools and methods to play this game the right way. Seriously interested players can eventually learn advantage play techniques ( eg card counting) if desired through these resources and practice effort. Most Las Vegas blackjack players don't care about basic strategy or selecting a game with decent rules/payoffs and the casino win described above partially proves that.


How to Play Blackjack: Best Beginner's Guide to Learning the Basics of the Blackjack Game! The Blackjack Rules, Odds, Winner Strategies and a Whole Lot More...
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