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Atlantic City Blackjack 21 Rules & Strategy  May 1, 2016 – 12:06 pm
Atlantic city blackjack

Atlantic City Rules: Dealer must draw to all totals of 16 or less, and stand on all totals of 17 to 21. Players may double down on any initial hand and split any initial pair. Doubling after a split is allowed but re-splitting is not. Only one card each allowed on split aces. Blackjacks pay 1 1/2 to 1 and insurance on a dealer Ace pays 2 to 1. . . . Atlantic City Rules are about as favorable to the player as you will find. Unlike Nevada and most other legalized gambling places, Blackjack rules are regulated by the New Jersey gaming authorities and are the same in all casinos.

Two different blackjack strategy charts are shown here. .Both strategies use the same statistical information but in different presentation formats. It is not necessary to memorize both charts but you need to know one of the two perfectly. The Condensed Optimal Strategy is the easiest for most players to remember and use. Since the player's hand constantly changes as hits are taken, and the dealer's up-card doesn't, the condensed version's focus on the dealer's upcard, rather than the player's hand, gives you much less to have to remember as your hands are being played out.*

*Note: Against some of the lower dealer cards in the condensed chart, an A7 hand is recommended twice (as a down-for-double play and also as a soft total limit). If you are dealt A7, use it for your double. However if instead of a double, you develop a soft draw hand of some sort, use A7 as your soft draw limit.


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Blackjack Atlantic City -
Blackjack Atlantic City -
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  • avatar Is there double deck blackjack in Atlantic city?
    • There is currently no double deck blackjack in Atlantic City.

  • avatar Where in Atlantic City do they have Blackjack switch?
    • They definitely have Blackjack Switch in Bally's, as of 2/25/12.

  • avatar How many decks used in blackjack game in Atlantic City.
    • Most blackjack in Atlantic City is 8-deck, with the exception of some high limit rooms dealing 6-deck, and just a few 6:5 paying single deck games. The single deck games in AC have the worst odds by far, so stay away from those for sure!

  • avatar What are the table minimums for blackjack on the weekends in Atlantic City? | Yahoo Answers
    • You should be able to find 10-dollar tables without much problem. Keep walking the boardwalk until you find one with 5-dollar minimums. It'll save you money the more you shop around!
      Good luck!

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